Fully automatic doubling plate & roller rolling combined machine
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This machine is used in the finishing wordshops of cotton weaving. Printing dyeing mills to give doubling plating and dorbling rolling the diverse large width fabrics.

  • The machine is made of the shaped steel and steel sheets by welding and Edge-folding ,featuring a nice-looking style, light weight ,practically applicability .
  • Frequency variation stepless speed adjustment for controlling the inspection & Rolling speed.
  • Photoelectric control for automatic edge-alignment amend-able electronic length-masuring meter (available of counting-in metre totalization and automatic stop functions ,also displays linear speed ,shift of onspection and rolling .)
  • There are edge suction devices at the fabric-feeding points.
  • Two sets of hydraulic controller for edge alignment and photoelectric device to automatically follow up the fabric edge at the width-change.
  • Two sets of motors drive the two rolling devices separately to achieve the rolling in two ways, effecting the multi-usefulness of one machine.
  • High automatization ,easy operation.
  • Can add to cut device according to the request.
Main technical parameters
Max diameter of fabric rolls 600mm
Working width 1200mm-1800mm(Can make of to order)
Edge-ailiging error for reeling 5-80m/min(Can stepless speed)
Dimensions(L×W×H) 2200×2500×2500mm
Weight of unit 1000kg
Max diameter of fabric rolls LD700mm
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