Crease-resistant fabrics-volume post-mortem cloth
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Crease-resistant roll fabricchecking machine is mainly used in cotton mill,printing-dyeing ;lant woo mill,garment factory,manmade fur factory,artificial leather factory and by commodity inspection units for the inspecting of the diverse fabrics and their full-width rolling.Itallows to feed the fabrics in roll or folded way,Especially it is good for the inspecting and rolling of export fabries.

  • Its biggest advantage volumes thin, thick-based, ultra-thin, coated cloth, and other post-mortem ---- Volume cloth cloth does not wrinkle
  • Frequency variation stepless speed adjustment for controlling the inspection & rooling speed.
  • Photodlectric control for automatic edge-allgnment.
  • Amendableelectronic length-measuring meter(available of counting in metre,yard,totalization and automatic stop functions,also display linear speed,shift of inspection and rolling.)
  • Pioneering system in china-a roller speed differential device for free adjustment of the tension of the tension of the fabrics under inspecting and rolling.
  • May be optionally fitted with an edge suction device.
  • May be optionally fitted with an automatic stopper in case of fabric feeding breakage.
  • May be optionally fitted with imported or China-made length and defect point printer or barcode priner.
  • May be optionally fitted with imported or China-made automatic or manual cutter
  • May be optionally fitted with computer enterface to effect the computer net connection also optionally fitted with software for the finished products wordshop,finished ware house management to effect a database management over the warehorse-in/out of the finished products and their indexing.
Main technical parameters
Max diameter of fabric rolls 300mm-800(at choice)
Working width 1900mm-2300mm(Can make of to order)
Speed of rolling 9-90m/min(stepless)
Edge-ailiging error for reeling ≤6mm
Max.error for fabric length-counting 0.50%
Dimensions(L×W×H) 2430×2200×2000mm(180型)
Weight of unit 1000kg
Fabric alignment movement Fabirc aligment deviatio≤10mm
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