ASFB-600-BF Type series winding &testing machine
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This machine is applicable mainly in the finishing workshops in cottin weaving, printing-pyeing and knitting mills to inspect the fabrics, timely discover and correct defecs on them, classify them in proper order and measure the length of the fabric precisele.

  • FC stepless adjuster.
  • Imported length-counting meter or amendable electronic length-counting meter (available of counting length in meter yard, determing the length and to talization functions, also displays the speed of inspecting).
  • Inside-outside illumination for different wording places and also dust-proof.
  • Fabric may be moved forward and backward.
  • May be optionally fitted with a defect counter counter, allowing to totalize the different kinds of defects, which is help full to the oprator to carry to carry out statistics and classify the fabrics.
Main technical parameters
Inspecting width 1900mm---2300mm(Can make of to order)
Speed of rolling 0-45min(stepless)
Dimensions(L×W×H) 2500×3200×2450mm
Mwasuring error ≤ 0.4%
Weight of unit 700kg 900kg

Note:Working with up 400mm

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