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(Winding yard machine,testing cloth machine)adopt the idal that the international and local silk fabric standard examination packs and essential craft a applicable to a true silk and synthetics,silk,cotton or the examination of intertexture thing,according long with winding pack,is knit to build,knit fabric,fabric,print to dye,cloting,non-woven fabrics enterprise of ideal,knit examination,packing equipments.

  • The whole machine adopts a compact housing structure,It has great funcitionality and outlook.
  • Adopting the high speed frequency variation system.
  • There is a constant tension system with an electronic control device.
  • A computer-controlled recorder is available for the length calculation and fixed length device.
  • Adopting infrared photoelectric alignment device.
  • Testing machine adoption infrared photoelectric control into the fabric feeding roll,pass to the fabric-feeding hopper to attain have no tension appearance.
Main technical parameters
Specitications 1900mm-2300mm
Working width 1900mm-2300mm(Can make of to order)
Length measurement deviation ≤0.40%
Winding dianeter ≤500mm
Tension adjustment deviation 0-400N
Speed adjustment range 0-80m/min
Dimensions(L×W×H) 1650×(2670-3120)×1900mm
Fabric alignment movement 170mm
Power of the main unit 1.5KW
Fabric alignment deviation ±3mm
Weight of unit 850kg
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