TFI-01 Knitting Fabric Non Tension Inspection Machine
  • pplicable for the quality inspection for knitting surface materiais for textile, printing and dyeing enterprises;
  • Automatically track the edging with infrared ray,automatically align the edge offabric;
  • Automatically control the front and back with automatically align the edge of fabric;
  • Front and back fabric extending front and back with automatically align the edge offabric;
  • Frequency speed control,kick control,simple and convenient operation;
  • Fabric roller is equipped with speed differential mechanism,adjust the softness and hardness of fabric roll;
  • Cut the fabric with automatic cutter;
Major technical paramenters
Dimension 3000X4200X2300mm
Speed 0~50m/min
Power supply 400V
Motor 1.55kw(Transmission motor),1.11kw(Selvedge trimmer motor)
Useful width 2500mm 2800mm
The widest diameter of rolling clothing 500mm
Accuracy of checking selvedge ±3mm
Accuracy of counting length ≤0.5%
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