FD - 928 frequency variable winding & testing machine
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FD - 928 Type series frequency variabel winding & testing machine engages in the professional designing of the exclusive cloth.Its shape structrue more incarnate its Applicabiliy,mainly used in inspection units and gament factory,They can be used For the inpection of cotton cloth and thin type coloth.

  • The machine adopt frequency barable,controlling speed,free adjustment of the tension of the fabrics under inspecting and rolling.
  • Photoelectric control for automatic edge-allgnment
  • Amendable electronic length-measrring meter(available of couting in metre, Yard,totalization adn rolling)
  • May be optionally fitted with an edge sucton device and automatic cutter the adoption imports motor function stability.
  • Major electrical appliances imported brands: Siemens。
  • The main electric appearance part all adopts an import product.產品(Siemens,LG etc.Brand).
  • The adoption improts motor,Can examine slowly and soon, Canalso high-speed winding take.
Main technical parameters
Major technical paramenters 600mm
Working width 1900mm-2300mm(Can make of to order)
Winding speed 0-110m/min
Ailiging deviation ≤0.50mm
Measurement deviation ≤0.30%
Dimensions(L×W×H) 4000×2100×2300mm(180型)
Power of the main unit 4kw
Weight of unit 1000kg(Weigh enhances accordingly due to breadth increase)
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