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WSSMEE was established in1995,located inSuzhou Shengze Town,where Shanghai,Zhengjiang provice and Jiansu province have a common boundary,and where the only road goes through from South to North.The town was engaged in production and trade of spinning,silk and spinning machines from of old.It was praised"Thousands of cloth can be produced in one day,it is enough for all the people in the world",and "The first town in the China".WSSMEF is one of the factories in the townm,it is nearly the highway of Su-Jia-Hang,318 Country Road 07 Province Road.Here has excellent geographic embirnment transportation adbantage.

The factory is mainly engaged the manudacturing of cloth-reeling machine,folding machine and series,electricheat cutting edge & opening breadth machine,folding machine and drier,size mixing cquipment and so on.The produce are hightechnology content,their properties are excellent and stable,and are moved off to everywhere in the China.Thererinto.

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